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Project Description


The health emergency of COVID 19 caused numerous radical changes in the management of educational dynamics. In all European countries, the education system has had to rethink forms and practices by exploiting the various opportunities of digital technologies.


The project identifies three main specific objectives:

  • Provide basic and transversal digital skills to teachers for a transformation of teaching methodologies by emphasizing the opportunities for relationship and participation that online platforms offer.
  • Work on the innovation of sharing strategies of teaching materials in social platforms close to the daily online relational experience of young people, as well as on better communicability of teaching materials through the adoption of visual languages and storytelling as narration methods of more engaging content.
  • Provide transversal digital skills (e.g. critical analysis, user awareness, creative content production) for greater autonomy and behavioural online responsibility online.

Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

  • Head masters
  • Teachers
  • Primary School Students

Expected Results

The main project results include:

  • An Online Training Course for teachers of different disciplines focused on the use of infographic language and the application of visual storytelling in teaching to narrate, disseminate, transmit and communicate educational content to students in a more inclusive and innovative way.
  • A Social Media Platform addressed both to primary school teachers, in the role of content Creator and to students in the role of Follower Creator.
  • A set of Tools and Methodologies for evaluation capable of assessing the digital skills of teachers and the impact on students in terms of increased learning and school participation.
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