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Agnieszka Dawidowicz, Polish Teacher
The real value of the course I took is that now I am able to create various resources in the form of infographics and animated cards for younger and older students. Students love them and their learning process is easier.

Fernanda Mattogno, Italian Teacher
While experimenting with the project, I discovered some tools (canva, anymaker, and openshot) that revolutionized the way I think about and do teaching.

Hanu Alexandra, Romanian Teacher
The project has meant a lot to me, with very interesting activities that have also aroused the interest of teachers/adults, not just pupils. I didn't expect to learn so much and develop so much. The Cave Project offers teachers a very wide range of activities that they can bring to the classroom in a creative, colorful, and impactful way for the pupils. I'm very happy to be able to pass on content to students that is more to their taste and interest, and I couldn't have done this without participating in the training activities. I have also greatly developed my language skills. Whether we like it or not, English is widely spoken, and learning new concepts and words has added value to the CAVE project activities. All in all, my development does not stop here, I will enthusiastically continue to put what I have learned into practice! Improved teacher-student interaction- I was able to attract students more easily in class, making them participate actively and interested in lessons more than before.

Aušra Jankauskienė, Lithuanian Teacher
One of the strengths of the CAVE project is the comprehensive assessment tools and methodologies developed. These tools helped me evaluate my digital skills and understand their impact on student learning. It allowed me to identify areas for improvement and measure the progress made throughout the project.

Marta Lianes, Spanish Teacher
I believe that the online course brings a real added value. It provides audio-video study materials with clear information and application suggestions. At the end of the test, you receive descriptive feedback to help you improve your level.

Agata Ziętek, Polish Teacher
I am not a fan of Social Media, but the Agora created in the CAVE project is a great example how social media can be used in a positive and productive way. Being able to create classrooms and share materials for the students helps in their education. The best thing is that they have access to all the materials all the time everywhere they are.

Ana María Jiménez Gonzales, Spanish Teacher
The most interesting part was releted to the aim of Implementing, developing and updating teachers' skills, stimulating and innovating teaching, helping and supporting students.

Aneta Seremak, Polish Teacher
My students particularly like the infographics as they present the most important concepts in a clear way which is easy to understand. They use the infographic cards before tests and quizes to revise.

Antoci Georgiana-Livia, Romanian Teacher
The CAVE project offered the opportunity to experiment with a new platform together with the students, which brought an added value in learning for all. We particularly appreciated the course both in the way it provided cognitive skills and in the way, assessment was carried out. It was a project that managed to bring together diverse and valuable digital materials that we will be able to use in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this project!

Italian teacher
The use of new tools and especially digital tools in the service of teaching has made this project not only very useful but also very innovative in terms of what are the methodologies currently in use.

Cintia Colibaba, Romanian Teacher
Cave project puts together resources from sciences that can benefit from a different perspective in presenting. Although chemistry, physics or math’s are usually more difficult to present in an interactive manner, the tools developed by this project can be used by teachers in dealing with small age groups. Teachers are learning how to use ICT for small age groups and how to present in a visually attractive manner STEM subjects. Young students are learning how to use ICT in a productive manner, for lifelong learning.

Cocieriu Lavinia-Mihaela, Romanian Teacher
I really appreciated that each activity had educational parts and afterwards we were able to have fruitful conversations about the situation in our countries. Thanks to this, we learned new things and could improve our language skills. For me, the most useful source of the above mentioned is the Agora Platform because it contributes to the improvement and innovation of distance learning.

Costantina Lobardi, Italian Teacher
The combination of digital and school within the project is exposed and addressed in a very interesting and in-depth way. There are definitely some critical issues emerging, which mainly stem from a lack of initial preparation on the part of many teachers.

Cristina Petre, Romanian Teacher
The CAVE project has run successfully in our school and has had a positive impact on everyone. Pupils participated actively, with interest and curiosity in the proposed activities and their creative abilities were highlighted. Within the project, using innovative learning tools and methods, we carried out educational activities aimed at cultivating, from an early age, their interest in virtual learning and the development of digital skills. We created educational videos that students watched and discovered the importance of activities designed in an accessible and inclusive way. Through these activities students learned new things and improved their language skills. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this engaging project! It was a wonderful experience.

Dănăilă Loredana , Romanian Teacher
The project gave me the opportunity to discover ways to engage students, to actively participate in class, to develop their digital skills, as well as their critical thinking and ability to select correct information.

Daniela Ilincăi , Romanian Teacher
I embarked on this learning experience, driven by a desire to enrich my knowledge of a new learning platform. I discovered opportunities to explore applied learning focused on the interests of young school children.

Deimantė Burkauskienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The creation of the Agora platform within the CAVE project opened up endless possibilities for collaboration and resource sharing. It allowed me to connect with educators from different disciplines and exchange innovative teaching methods. The platform fostered a sense of community and encouraged us to learn from one another.

Elvyra Šliažienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The Agora social media platform introduced by the CAVE project has been a fantastic addition to our classroom. It provides a safe and collaborative space for both teachers and students to create and share educational content. It has enhanced student engagement and allowed for seamless communication and knowledge exchange.

Floriana Compagnoni, Italian Teacher
Improved digital skills of both teachers and students. For the results, the self-assessment part is very innovative and useful, in line with the changes that society is undergoing.

Inga Gancevskaitė, Lithuanian Teacher
The online training course designed for teachers in the CAVE project was exceptional. It provided step-by-step guidance on using infographic language and visual storytelling to engage students. The course materials were well-structured and easy to follow, making it a valuable resource for professional development.

Ioan Juncu, Romanian Teacher
The quality of the materials, the innovative aspects of the platform and the content. The material that creates the profile of the modern teacher. Opportunities to improve language skills. Improving the creative and organizational skills of teachers and students.

Italian teacher
The project helps motivate the development of digital skills aimed at enriching teaching processes.

Italian teacher
One of the most significant aspects is to introduce tools that enable the association of visual learning with auditory learning. The development of interactive and digital teaching in addition to being a stimulus becomes a goal to be achieved as soon as possible.

Italian teacher
Certainly one of the most important aspects of the project is to have thought out, implemented and evaluated work done by teachers in collaboration with students.

Italian teacher
Collaboration I think has been the most interesting element. Between teachers and students, between teachers from different institutions but especially between teachers from different countries.

Kristina Grybienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The emphasis on digital competence through the DigCompEdu framework in the CAVE project was invaluable. The questionnaire provided a clear understanding of my digital teaching profile and helped me identify my strengths and areas of growth. It empowered me to enhance my digital teaching practices.

Łukasz Wnuczek, Polish Teacher
I'm really glad that I had a chance to participate in the project which puts so much emphasis on the visual aspects of teaching. Using the resources created during the project makes education easier and more interesting for students and teachers.

Maftei Marinica , Romanian Teacher
This project has been full of great activities from which I have learned quite a lot. I developed my language skills and thank you very much for this wonderful experience! Improving teachers' creative and organizational skills.

Magdalena Wnuczek, Polish Teacher
I was truly impressed with the ideas of Munro and his approach to education. They imspired me to turn every lesson into a fascinating journey of discovery which students love to embark on.

Marcin Paśnikowski, Polish Teacher
The Online Training Course is a high-quality project result which is a powerful tool in developing teachers' digital skills. The animated cards are an excellent example of audio-visual materials which enhance the learning and teaching process in the classroom.

Mascia Ambrosini, Italian Teacher
Comparison with other countries makes it possible to identify different processes and profiles. The project stimulates and helps implement the motivation and involvement of teachers and students.

Melinte Mihaela-Daniela , Romanian Teacher
This project has been beneficial for every teacher. The project contained many activities from which we learned quite a lot. Improving the creative and organizational skills of the teachers. It was a welcome project and all the information I learned and assimilated I will definitely apply. Congratulations to the team for a wonderful project!

Raimonda Stašaitienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The CAVE project's suite of assessment tools was a game-changer for me. It provided a structured approach to evaluating my digital skills and their impact on student learning outcomes. The data collected through these assessments helped me make evidence-based decisions and tailor my teaching strategies accordingly.

Raminta Šarkauskienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The CAVE project has been a game-changer for me as a teacher. The online training course allowed me to explore the use of infographic language and visual storytelling, which transformed the way I deliver educational content. It made my lessons more engaging and interactive, and the students responded positively.

Rūta Želvienė, Lithuanian Teacher
The CAVE project's focus on continuous professional development was highly commendable. It provided teachers with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their digital competence and keep up with the evolving educational landscape. The project's long-term impact on improving teaching practices cannot be overstated.

Sandu Lavinia, Romanian Teacher
CAVE came with many interesting challenges on the digitization side, where we had the opportunity to EVALUATE-IMPROVE our performance/knowledge acquired before/ during the project. From my point of view, the Cave project was very much focused on passing on information, best practices, strategies that we can implement in our classroom activities! I really liked that besides the wide range of information there were attached videos, ideas from other people, ideas for activities, it wasn't so static everything, considering this aspect beneficial for effective learning! Looking forward to a future project.

Svetlana Kudriašova, Lithuanian Teacher
I was impressed by the CAVE project's commitment to promoting innovative teaching methods. The emphasis on using infographic language and visual storytelling in education was a breath of fresh air. It allowed me to think outside the box and incorporate creative approaches to engage students in the learning process.

Vacariu Claudia , Romanian Teacher
This project was much better than I expected. We had a program full of very interesting activities. I really appreciated that each activity had educational parts and afterwards we could have fruitful conversations about the situation in our countries. Thanks to this, we learned new things and could improve our language skills.

Vacariu Dana-Georgiana , Romanian Teacher
I'm glad I was able to participate in this project, it was more than I had hoped for. We had very interesting activities, theory combined with examples of good practice, fragments of lessons, new and useful methods in the teaching-learning-assessment process. We had fruitful conversations about the situation in our countries. Thanks to this, we learned new things and improved our language skills. What was a bit negative: I felt that some of us did not have enough knowledge about the political systems and the situation in their countries, so it seemed that they had no problems. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience! Best thoughts!

Vida Karčiauskienė, Lithuanian Teacher
One of the most interesting aspects of the CAVE project was the focus on student participation and engagement. By incorporating digital tools and multimedia content, the project helped me capture students' interest and encourage active learning. It made the classroom experience more dynamic and exciting.

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